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Our Story

Kate raised a wild bunch of boys in the Rangitumau Valley, there were never many serious rules in the ol’ farm house, but there was one solid one: eat well, and no sugary bad stuff. Especially no fizzy bad stuff. Naturally though, that’s what the boys wanted so, Kate being Kate, she started to brew Kombucha. She fooled her boys into drinking healthy probiotic beverages, and they loved it. Now that all of the boys have left home, Kate’s sharing her secret with the rest of the Wairarapa and maybe even further - Time will tell. So replace bad stuff with Kate’s Kombucha at home, and be a little bit healthy.

Why Us?

  • Our Kombucha is small batch brewed in 40L urns. We start a fresh brew for every batch as opposed to running a continuous brew.
  • We use sustainable processes by using loose tea leaves instead of tea bags which may contain plastic, bleach and other nasties.
  • Our Kombucha is raw and unpasteurised.
  • We pay all of our workers the living wage.
  • We use triple filtered rain water as opposed to chlorinated water from the town supply. Chlorinated water can kill good bacteria that we need to truly benefit from our Kombucha.
  • Our flavouring is from freshly squeezed whole fruits and ginger, no teabag flavouring or prepared fruit juices.
  • We use a low ratio of juice to Kombucha. If it tastes like juice, there isn't enough kombucha in there!
  • We use black tea as scientific studies show that this allows better bacteria growth than other teas. This also ensures a richer, traditional flavour and ensures that our finished product contains iron.
  • Vegan, Gluten free and Dairy free.
  • We are a small local start up family business in the Wairarapa, any support is much appreciated! 

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