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Why Us?

  • Our Kombucha is small batch brewed in 40L urns. We start a fresh brew for every batch as opposed to running a continuous brew.
  • We use sustainable processes by using loose tea leaves instead of tea bags which may contain plastic, bleach and other nasties.
  • Our Kombucha is raw and unpasteurised.
  • We pay all of our workers the living wage.
  • We use triple filtered rain water as opposed to chlorinated water from the town supply. Chlorinated water can kill good bacteria that we need to truly benefit from our Kombucha.
  • Our flavouring is from freshly squeezed whole fruits and ginger, no teabag flavouring or prepared fruit juices.
  • We use a low ratio of juice to Kombucha. If it tastes like juice, there isn't enough kombucha in there!
  • We use black tea as scientific studies show that this allows better bacteria growth than other teas. This also ensures a richer, traditional flavour and ensures that our finished product contains iron.
  • Vegan, Gluten free and Dairy free.
  • We are a small local start up family business in the Wairarapa, any support is much appreciated! 

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